Ambience Offers New Hair Color Service

August 2, 2012

Balayage, a French word meaning 'to sweep' is a new method of highlighting which lightens the hair gradually from root to tip. This technique has shaken salons from coast to coast because it achieves an ultra-natural effect by mimicing nature's way of lightening hair. To balayage the hair, a lightening agent is painted on using a brush and paddle in a sweeping motion. Foils aren't used and the precision of the fine-tooth comb weaving in tiny streaks is no longer necessary. You will notice less outgrowth, much more color contrast within the hair and since the process requires no heat or foils, the hair experiences minimal damage (which is key for those of us with long hair). The result is a gorgeous sun-kissed color of various shades of blond and honey-toned hues that look as if you just spent the summer frolicking on the beach. 3 of Ambience's hair designers, Megan, Liz, and Elizabeth studied the Balayage technique in NYC. We hope you will try this new way of highlighting hair that is SO popular with the celebrities. Call us at 513.771.9335 for more information.


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